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01 November 2013

German Homeschooling Case - The Wunderlichs Update 2

Hibiscus - photo by A or J Stahl

If you haven't been following this case or my blog, you will want to start here and here before reading further.

The father of the children, Dirk Wunderlich, has told HSLDA that his lawyers requested confirmation from social workers that they wouldn’t interfere if his family emigrated to a neighboring country where homeschooling is legal. But the judge told his attorneys if he left the country before a scheduled December hearing he would make sure that they were brought back to face criminal sanctions.
HSLDA: Judge Blocks Emigration as Seized German Children Now Go to Government School

Michael Donnelly, the director of international affairs for the HSLDA, said in a report that the organization will continue to help.
“We are working with the family’s attorney and we hope we can bring international pressure to bear on this situation. For example we are now waiting and hoping the Supreme Court will take our Romeike asylum case. And we have other plans to bring international attention to Germany’s human rights abuses in this area,” he said.
World Net Daily: Judge threatens homeschooling parents

Unfortunately, there isn't any news on this in Germany, so we're getting the typical HSLDA and WND spin on things.  Any further news released here should clarify things, however, I doubt we will hear much until the hearing in December. Stay tuned.



    1. Thanks! I'll issue another update using the news from Germany and include this with it.