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13 November 2013

The Twelve Tribes in Germany, Part 7

Photo by A. Stahl

 Here is the latest news on the Twelve Tribes group. Wolfram Kunighk was on Maischberger discussing the Twelve Tribes with an ex-member here in Germany, along with other ex-cult members discussing their experiences. If you missed it, I highly recommend it. There is a good run down of the program here, if you are unable to watch. I do not believe anyone has run it through and translated it. 

The two girls that had been secreted out of Germany to Switzerland are back in custody in Germany.  The authorities in the Donau-Ries area were in contact with Swiss authorities and that seemed to light a fire under their bums to get the two missing girls returned quickly to Germany. The parents no longer have rights to custody of their children.

As of this weekend, the girls have been back in Germany.

On Friday (11/08/2013) Swiss authorities informed the Donau-Ries District Office that they have tracked down the girls from the controversial Twelve Tribes faith group. They were with their grandmother, and would be [returned to Germany.] - Vermisste "Zwölf Stämme Kinder" zurück
 The Youth Office has picked up the pair upon return to the Swiss-German border, said the district office. They are now returned back in foster and youth care facilities. The authorities will not release a statement on the reason for their disappearance. - „Zwölf Stämme“: Kinder zurück in Bayern
 Gerhard Karl Ansbach, with the prosecution, had stated last week that the children had, according to his information, returned "independently" from Wörnitz to Switzerland. "They were not deported and were entirely voluntarily at their grandmother's in Switzerland."
Süddeutsche - Verschwundene Kinder sind wieder in Bayern
 Why the two sisters were in Switzerland  and what is behind their disappearance, was not clear. One of the girls is now placed in a new foster family, the other in a youth care facility.
Augsberger Allgemeine - Verschwundene Mädchen sind wieder zurück in Bayern
 At this point, there is not much else to say on the case (from what I see in the news) and I can only hope that everyone in care at the moment is getting all the support they need to deprogram and live as children in an healthy environment.

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  1. Hello Jennifer, First, let me tell you that this is a terrific blog, and your chronology of the TT affair in Germany (and its media coverage) is the most complete that I have seen. Thank you very much for making the story available to all those who do not speak German.

    Here s another article in Augsburger Allgemeine. Evidently Mr Krumbacher, the father of the 17 year old that was taken (or took herself) to Switzerland, published his daughter s letter to Chancellor Merkel. This letter, which has been on the TT website and which is quite possibly fake, demands that Germany respect "religious freedom" and allow Eva to be reunited with her parents etc. etc... Mr Krumbacher also attacked the authorities (verbally, not with a rod, *lol*) for taking away his children.

    1. Thank you!
      Oh my goodness, that letter.


    Three more children to remain in foster care, rules judge.
    It is a reprieve rather than the final ruling. The children will not be returned to their parents until psychologists have written up their assessments. But for the children this means they have time to discover that there can be childhood without abuse. So, a step in the right direction.

    The fact, that this WILL be the general direction or tendency as regards the court rulings can also be seen by how desperate and hysterical Rovetto's blog is becoming (the Swiss man who made it his mission to help a "persecuted religious minority" (read: the TT). His texts, if you don t read them on the surface but on the subtextual level, are a good seismograph for the way things are going, Quite obviously he is in contact with some of the parents from Klosterzimmern.

    1. Thank you so much for this update. I've not had a chance to check the news on this with the many things happening in our home since my husband's grandmother died earlier this month. It's been a scene of random chaos while we pick up the pieces and help his grandfather along and prepare for the holidays with our little ones.

      I've appreciated every single one of your updates. Keep doing what you are doing! Will update this as soon as I can.

  3. I'm following this from New York, USA. We have a TT Cult in our town (Oneonta) which has stooped so low as to recruit mentally ill citizens. The problem is: These mentally ill citizens cannot make sound decisions by themselves. The are taken in and ordered to dispose of their medications which causes behavioral problems which TT punishes them for. When the TT Cult then decides to reject them, New York has to find them affordable housing (difficult) and have them re-examined by physicians and restart their medication regime which costs New York taxpayers a lot of money. Due to US Constitutional laws, it is difficult to control the activities of the TT Cults.

    I also follow:

    1. Oh my goodness Anonymous! That is simply deplorable, especially with the difficulties that mentally ill Americans have getting proper care in some states. </3

      Thank you for commenting.

  4. Eva Krumbacher, 17, who wrote to Chancellor Merkel ist allowed to go back to her parents. Well, she is almost 18 and has undoubtedly been succesfully programmed; I mean the TT had a looot of time doing that. But I hope they save the little ones.
    One other child has run away from her foster family, spent a night with her parents in Klosterzimmern, but the parents called the authorities the next morning. So the girl was placed in another foster family.

    Let s see what happens. The Swiss man is getting legal advice on the new website he put up to help the TT. One "Eric Hoyer" tells all about finding all the legal loopholes and tiring out the courts etc. Is he a well-known person among fundamentalists, maybe even of the religious right in the US? His German has minor flaws.

    1. I've not heard of Eric Hoyer. Curious that he knows that much if he's in the US. Makes one wonder.

  5. Well, in a totally different Blog, one Eric Hoyer comments that he could not imagine living in Germany again and that ever since he emigrated he s been enjoying "his religious freedom". So I was wondering if he was one of the HSLDA expert for "the persecuted abroad". I thought I d seen his name in this context but I wasn t sure.

    1. Sometimes you never know. I've been bumping into some people I've never heard of that are either related to, friends of or otherwise linked with circles I was in from 1992-1999. In some cases the "seven degrees of separation" are much less than seven. In that case, it probably helps that my parents were not politically motivated, nor did they have aspirations to get involved with the various associations when they homeschooled.

      I would think, however, that anyone involved with the HSLDA themselves would be listed rather prominently on one of their websites or associated sites. Such usually is the case.

  6. TT Part 8 does not accept comments yet, so I am going back to part 7. More news: the sect gets four children back officially but fails in the other 7 cases. This concerns the appeal that was lodged. The rest of the cases is pending; the main proceedings haven t even started. 17 year old IEva Krumbacher is among the 4 children allowed to return.