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05 November 2013

The Twelve Tribes in Germany part 6

Photo by A. Stahl

 Here is the latest news on the Twelve Tribes group. Two girls that were in foster care have been missing for a few weeks and have been figured to be with their parents and in Switzerland. Below are the news stories I can gather as swiftly as possible:

Merea K. and her sister Eva have been missing for almost two weeks. They went on their daily visit to their school in Ansbach, and did not return to their foster parents home. The youth welfare office is on the case. Apparently, the 9 and 17 year-old girls are in the clutches of a cult that brutally punishes their children.
RTL - Spanking sect 12 Tribes: Two children kidnapped?

The incident occurred about three weeks ago. The two children were placed in a foster family in Dombühl and come from the community in Wörnitz. On the day of their disappearance, the girls went to school like every other day. However, they did not come back. Their foster parents reported the case to the authorities in Ansbach.
Donau-Ries Aktuell- Twelve Tribes: Two children abducted abroad?

Whether the children returned voluntarily to their parents or whether they were taken from their parents against their will, a spokeswoman for the district office could not say. This is the subject of ongoing investigation.
Spiegel - Christian sect "Twelve Tribes": Two children disappeared from foster care

 According to current knowledge of the prosecution Ansbach, "the two girls went voluntarily to Switzerland. Their parents also plan to stay in Switzerland." Chief Public Prosecutor Gerhard Karl told Bayerischer Rundfunk on request. How the children moved to Switzerland, is currently unclear, according to the authorities.
BR - "Twelve Tribes" disappeared children with their grandmother

As the children moved to Switzerland, was unclear, said a spokesman for the district office. The Authority has filed a complaint against persons unknown for child abduction. In addition, they submitted a request for return of the children. However, since the girls had dual citizenship, this is difficult.
SWR -  Religious community "Twelve Tribes" Missing children are at grandmother's

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  1. In the media archives of ARD you can still find the tv debate on "sects and cults". Here s the link to a well-written summary cum review of the programme:

    The TT feature prominently, not least because the most public face of the German speaking TT defectors was invited to the show.

  2. Two children, 5 and 10 yrs old, are probably safe forever ! Link: bayrischer rundfunk
    "Zwölf Stämme"
    Entziehung des Sorgerechts bestätigt
    Das Amtsgericht Nördlingen hat den Sorgerechtsentzug im Fall einer Familie der umstrittenen Glaubensgemeinschaft "Zwölf Stämme" bestätigt. Stand: 08.11.2013

  3. there is the link to the youtube tv documentary 1hour15mns with 20 years ex-member of Twelve Tribes in Germany

    1. Thank you for posting this. I'd recorded Maishberger due to Wolfram Kunigkh mentioning being on it on Facebook. It was very good to see so much coverage on this issue. I just wish that it was out there in English.

  4. So fresh, it is not even in the press: The two girls that moved (or were moved) to Switzerland were handed over to the German authorities on Friday evening. The Swiss man who is a staunch supporter of the TT and considers himself to be some sort of Robin Hood for "persecuted" religious minorities is in contact with the parents of the girls and has published their emails to him, along with a pretty tasteless diatribe. (His comparison with Nazi Germany's Night of Broken Glass /November Progromes is disgusting). But he does get at the news first...

    1. Thank you for this update and all the others. I'm trying to get around to posting them. It's been birthday week here all week so I've been slow catching up on everything.

  5. Ricoo and Cassey, and a few Anonymi here: Please send your stories to:

    Direktor Herrn Beyschlag
    Tändelmarkt 5
    D- 86720 Nördlingen