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15 October 2013

German Homeschooling - "HSLDA Destroys German Homeschool Movement"

Historic building on the coast of a German river - J. Stahl

Lest you think I've dropped off the face of the earth, I did want to update and let you all know that I am still investigating different German homeschooling cases and getting caught up on the latest news of the Twelve Tribes.  I haven't had a chance to read my copy of the paper yet, but I have been doing a lot of reading over at Homeschooling is Legal, specifically the posts labeled "HSLDA Destroys German Homeschool Movement"

Knowing what I do about the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, and fundamentalist Christianity in the USA, most of the news is not at all shocking to me. However, it has taken quite a while to sift through everything and figure out what is what and how I would handle it here on the blog.

Since the blog hasn't really been active and doesn't have the option for commenting on the posts concerning Schuzh and the HSLDA, I figured I'd re-link to it, that way you can be as caught up as I have been.

In some ways, I feel like I'm still falling down Alice's rabbit hole. It's been a strange, strange journey, that is for sure.

I knew there were links with the HSLDA to Schuzh, but I couldn't find them until late last month and earlier this month. The relationship (at least at the beginning) was very unclear and hard to hammer down.

I sat for the last couple weeks pouring over information trying to get this straight. I may have some holes in the information, but this is what I could gather with some sites being down, some requiring log-in access and others being paid subscription sites. Sorry, not joining anything that requires subscriptions right now due to money issues.

Also helpful to the discussion is Kathryn Brightbill's "A Quick and Dirty Primer on HSLDA" and Homeschooler Anonymous' "A Historical Timeline of the Modern U.S. Homeschooling Movement"

HSLDA and Germany

In April to August 2000, German home schoolers asked HSLDA assistance. HSLDA and German Homeschoolers establish  Schulunterricht zu Hause

January 2001 - February 2002 -- HSLDA stops the US Military from regulating homeschoolers.

October 2001, Klicka does an interview with Peter Adler and SternTV on the American reaction to 9/11 and Homeschooling.

HSLDA asks for funding for Schuzh

HSLDA stumps agains the SPD's mandatory Kindergarten push

Schuzh sponsored two national homeschool conferences, one which HSLDA's Dr. Michael Farris attended; and established two main offices while employing 10 attorneys throughout Germany.

Schuzh has been supportive of three books being written on the topic of homeschooling. These books were to be published in the spring of 2004.

"Homeschooling Illegal" Declares German School Official, more assistance for German homeschoolers.

2006 - Eight German cases pending before the European Court

Co-founder of the HSLDA, Michael Farris, has called for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect the right of parents to educate their children at home. References EU court cases, and the growing influence of international court conclusions in the U.S.

2007 HSLDA speech referencing Germany and Schuzh

Requesting more support for German homeschoolers

Netzwerk Bildungs Freiheit is now mentioned, which is loosely affiliated with Schuzh, but independent.

Another German homeschool case mentioned, American homeschoolers biking through Europe, and the Highländers dance group coming to Germany to bolster support for homeschooling in Germany.

HSLDA assists the Romeike family in filing for asylum in the US

The European Commission begins opening dialogue with Germany on Homeschooling

HSLDA mentions the Dudek case

HSLDA stumping for homeschooling Americans to contact the German Embassy and Chancellor to ask why Homeschooling is illegal.

The state of Georgia puts pressure on Germany, Highländers dance troupe to finally go to Germany and Michael Donnelly mentioned stumping for support of German homeschoolers.

More information on the Highländers dance troupe's mission

HSLDA linking to a Deutsche Welle post (in German) about Homeschoolers. 
You can run this through Google Translate

Michael Donnelly, of the HSLDA, is referenced in Deutsche Welle to garner support for homeschoolers in Germany  
You can run this through Google Translate

HSLDA asks for American homeschoolers, aged 12-16, to begin a pen-pal program with German homeschoolers

The following is a translation of HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly’s question put to the commissioner and chairman of the European Forum for Freedom in Education in May 2008—and the reply.

More information on the HSLDA's e-Pal program

More information on the Romeike case

HSLDA stumps for American Homeschoolers to sign a petition to the German Parliament to Allow Homeschooling

HSLDA brings up some of the information on the renewed Dudek case

Global Human Rights Conference Includes Homeschooling runs an article on homeschooling in the United States
Each page will have to be run through google translate.

The Dudek family is back in court. HSLDA stumps for support

To advance the cause of freedom in education in Germany Jürgen Dudek has launched a blog called Der Blaue Brief..

“Der blaue Brief” is in no way affiliated with one or more organisations who speak up for homeschooling in our country. Rather this weglog [sic] is a financially and organisationally independent publication. However, donations for our running costs are welcome.

 HSLDA is hosting a PDF of the CDU article "CDU scholastic and sport preparation working group of Kiel discussed Schulunterricht zu Hause"
Arbeitskreis Schule und Sport der CDU Kiel diskutiert über Schulunterricht zu Hause

Global Home Education Conference 2012 held in Berlin (transcripts and such available)

HSLDA stumping for support of the Wunderlich family and money to run large ads in German newspapers

Michael Farris accuses Germany of reneging on a promise to protect rights of German citizens

I can't figure out where this group fits, but they produce a homeschooling magazine and books about and for homeschoolers. I had not seen it before, so I'm putting it here..

Hopefully that will fill in some holes for others as it has for me. As I have mentioned before, this is not meant for any malicious intent, but to figure out the homeschooling ties in Germany as well as the mentality of homeschoolers, the government and individuals who are not homeschooling, why homeschooling has not as of yet been made legal.

I hope to cover some more homeschooling cases this week, as my health allows.

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