I have longed for thy salvation, O L-RD; and thy Torah is my delight. Let my soul live, and it shall praise thee; and let thy judgments help me. I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek thy servant; for I do not forget thy commandments. Psalm 119:174-176

16 September 2013

German Homeschooling Case - The Wunderlichs

Hibiscus - photo by A or J Stahl

I've just finished getting myself caught up with the issue of sects in Germany who try to home-school and have had run ins with the law. Generally, but not always, the HSLDA has has been meddling in Germany with these issues rather than let people hash out the Constitutional law within the courts and appealing to the Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.

For what it is worth, I was home-schooled from the sixth grade forward under the Home School Legal Defense Association umbrella. (1993-1999)

I do not believe in breaking the law to do whatever you want. You have to lobby to have the laws changed. You have to argue, within the court system that Constitutional law is antiquated and argue that the law must be changed so that you can work within it; if that is what you truly believe.

 However, in the last decade or so, many sects of Christian home-schoolers who have been pressing the issue have been doing many things to place their children in danger; giving sub-par education, little or no medical attention; living the life of isolationists - which has caused the government to be well within rights to be breathing down their necks or taking their children into foster care.

The problem here is, Germany looks at issues like this as if it were a family matter. It's more than looking at it as a purely domestic matter that any German allies can weigh in on. This doesn't concern other court systems in the EU, and the European Court of Human Rights has already weighed in on German Homeschooling cases. It doesn't concern allies, such as the United States.

You also have to remember that while Germany's treatment of groups with cultish or extremist sectarian beliefs  sometimes amount to "discrimination" in many of our allies eyes, its laws must be seen the context of its history and the fear of political as well as religious extremism. We are finding more and more, that people who do separate themselves out of society do tend to trend towards both religious and political extremism. This does not at all exclude or include the cases that the HSLDA has been weighing in on.

With this in mind, You have to know that there are around 400 Homeschooling families in Germany if the HSLDA is to be believed. Schuzh says it is closer to 500 families. This also counts the Romeike Family, The Wunderlichs and the families of the Zwölf Stämmen, which I have discussed before.

This blog, however, states the numbers are rather questionable:
How many Germans ignore German laws on compulsory education, can not be measured as most parents simply [home-school in secret] or emigrate in secret. Stefanie Mohsennia knows about 200 free-learning German families and speculates that there are currently over 1,000 families in Germany who do not send their children to school. "There are always more." says Stefanie Mohsennia...Leben im Untergrund – Homeschooling-Familien in Deutschland [Living underground - Home-schooling families in Germany] 

As far as what the European Human Rights Court has to say:
[The German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe] refused to admit the applicant's constitutional complaint because it had already dealt with the decisive constitutional issues in its settled case-law.

...[The EU Human Rights Court] notes that there exists a difference of treatment between the applicant's children and...  children [who] were physically unfit ...or... [whose] parents move around the country...
... the Court finds that the above distinctions justifies a difference of treatment.
Konrad and Others v. Germany
Konrad v. Germany also makes it clear that Germany's "Basic Law" guarantees "the right to establish private schools." The state does therefore not have a monopoly on education, only the right to regulate it.
Locus Standi: International Human Rights and Home schooling

Yet, when the news did break in American papers about the Wunderlich family last year, and this year - everything became sensationalized, and suddenly there is a lot of fear-mongering and lies being spread about how the compulsory schooling laws came into place, and why they came into place in Germany. [To clarify: It has been repeated quite often that these laws came into place when the NSDAP was in power and we're very "Nazi" for not repealing them.] It's made me physically ill that this is being said over and over through right-leaning news, and therefore disseminated to other Christians.  I literally have relatives that are terrified that I am suddenly surrounded to an up and coming Fourth Reich.

Why don't we have a look and see why?

“The education administration in future will also not recognize so-called homeschooling and act in proportionate measure considering the individual case and circumstances.”"
WND: Government declares war on homeschooling parents (2006)

“A copy of the report justifying immediate seizure of the children was obtained by HSLDA. The reasons given for the seizure were that the children were ‘socially isolated,’ not in school and that there was a ‘flight risk,’ – none of which appear to be true,” the report said.

The family fled Germany because of a series of fines imposed for homeschooling and the concern that German authorities inside Germany would take custody of the children.
WND: French police grab 4 kids on German orders (2009) 

Wunderlich said the Jugendamt “told me that the children must go to school.”
“We are very saddened by the way our country treats us,” he said. “Our nerves are black and short, and we are very tired by the pressure.
“I don’t understand my own country. What are we doing wrong? We are just doing what should be allowed to anyone.”
WND: State takes custody of children over socialization (2012)
Within days of the family registering their presence in Darmstadt, authorities initiated a criminal truancy case, and just months later city's 'Youth Welfare Office' was granted legal custody of the children.
The Daily Mail UK: Armed Police turn up at family home wiht a battering ram to sieze their children after they defy Germany's ban on homeschooling
After the children were taken, authorities “invited” the parents to a meeting with social workers. They were told they were not even being allowed an immediate court hearing on the status of the children.
WND: Police storm homeschool class, take children by force
Petra Wunderlich said her heart was shattered. “We are empty,” she said. “We need help. We are fighting but we need help.”
Life Site News: ‘We are empty’: Police storm German homeschooling family’s house, seize children
In an interview in Berlin last year, Dirk Wunderlich said he was prepared to go to jail rather than send his children to school. "But I'm not afraid of this," he said. "I'm only sad for my family. I will go (to jail) laughing. You can do what you want, but my children will not go to school."
CBN: German Officials Abduct Homeschooled Kids from Parents
...Failing to find employment, Mr.  Wunderlich last year had to bring the family back to their home country of Germany. Within days the "Youth Welfare Office" was granted legal custody of their children on the grounds of criminal truancy.
...The Wunderlich family's experience foreshadows an ominous future for other German homeschooling families... and ... raise concerns about the freedom of families in all free nations...
CrossMap: Government Seizes German Dirk and Petra Wunderlich's Homeschooling Children—Whose Kids Are They?
 On their return, German authorities began a criminal truancy case against them and the children were placed in the custody of the Darmstadt Youth Welfare Office. Authorities found the children to be well treated... but seized the children’s passports to prevent the family from leaving the country.
CNA: German raid on home-schooling family draws condemnation
The court order allowed the police the use of force against both parents and children; it stated that the children had "adopted the parent's opinions" regarding homeschooling, and that "no cooperation could be expected" from either the parents or the children.
Gatestone Institute: Europe: Treating Homeschoolers Like Terrorists
The Wunderlich’s lawyers will argue their case on the basis that the current education law is too vague. They are also arguing on the basis of the international treaties Germany has signed, since they appear to be violating those treaty obligations. HSLDA is helping support the Wunderlich’s lawyers... Although the Wunderlichs are hoping for a court date in September, they are still waiting.
The American Conservative: German Children Seized From Parents for Crime of Homeschooling
HSLDA lawyer Michael Donnelly said that when child protective systems in countries such as a Germany– which “claims to be a ‘liberal democracy’ committed to pluralism and human rights – allows for police raids to take children from otherwise good families who are providing a home education, liberty is at risk everywhere.”
WND: Homeschool case focal point for hate mail

What do the Wunderlichs think about this, themselves? Well, let's hear it in their own words:

In 2005, our first child Machsejah reached the age of compulsory school attendance. We started home schooling from then on. At that time, war with the education agency began... A civil fine was levied. Then we were sued. We were found guilty of violating the compulsory school attendance statute and a monetary penalty was imposed. That was in 2008.
Interview with Dirk Wunderlich through the HEDUA Part 1
Our complete and no-holds-barred rejection of the institution of the school is reflected by exactly this argument. Even if public schools would align themselves with our beliefs and other educational ideas at the 100% level (without compromise whatsoever), we still would not send our children to school. The reason is that we are convinced that God’s intentions and plans for us cannot be realized within the artificial setting of school.
Interview with Dirk Wunderlich through the HEDUA Part 2

HEDUA also has articles here, here, here, here, here and here that explain how the Wunderlich family sees their situation.

I do agree that there are issues with how certain sects of Christianity (and even Scientology) that homeschool are handled in Germany. We've seen how this plays out with the court cases involving the Zwölf Stämmen. There are sometimes gaps in information between the courts, or the Jugendamt is sometimes slow to enforce the Schulpflicht or fines for not sending your children to school.

As far as the Wunderlich family goes, things are clearly not on the up and up. They were told by the state and each city seat that they've lived in that they can not continue to homeschool. They continued irregardless. They've come out openly laughing in the face of the government and saying that they're happy to go to jail and lose custody of their children so that they can create a separatist faith movement and parallel society from their own home. They've moved from city to city, and when that wasn't working; they left the country. This raises questions. I don't know what all questions this raises, but it certainly leaves holes in information that can lead one to many conclusions, of which, I am not ready to make any.

All the news articles I've read in English [from Fox, The Blaze, World Net Daily, CBN, World Mag and others] so far show very clearly that the authors know next to nothing about Germany, German law, German society at large; or the German educational system and it's history. Instead, they're happy to perpetuate myths and simply assume the police are this evil entity, because surely the HSLDA would not lie.

The information that I can find says that the court has found "the welfare of children is at risk. The children have not been receiving the education that would have been age-expected.."  This is enough to create concern in a nation full of over-acheivers who look for everyone to at least meet age-expected educational goals. This sets a whole lot of questions flying. I do not know what to make of that. Does this mean that the children are now learning above their age grade, or that they are falling behind? I do not know.

Let's see how the German news is handling this:

... the parents refuse any school system: "There is, however, compulsory education, the parents can not escape." It does not mean just education, but also about social interaction and involvement that allows other world views to be heard. The children have been placed in a juvenile facility after a confirmed judicial decision by the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt am Main. All attempts at discussion to reach an amicable agreement with the parents, during the summer holidays have been unsuccessful.
Idea: Jugendamt nimmt Christen die Kinder weg [Child Protective Services take Christian children away]
 ..."Diplomas play no role for us. Our goal is heaven. "Our family belongs to no specific Christian denomination, we are simply believers. Dirk [Wunderlich] attended the Kreis Bergstraße's Odenwald school, and he emphasizes the importance of Jesus Christ for himself and his family...
Echo: Schulpflicht: Jugendamt verteidigt Trennung von ElternSorgerecht – Vier Kinder aus Wembach werden schrittweise auf Schulbesuch vorbereitet  [Compulsory education: Youth Office defends separation of parents from children. Custody - Four children from Wembach to be gradually prepared for school]

Side note here: The Odenwaldschule was known for a huge scandal that went down where the children were being sexually abused by some of the teachers. There was also mentioned of physical discipline being carried out. (It's mentioned here in German, but not in the English Wikipedia article. You can find more here, here and here.) This is not insinuating anything about the family, but giving additional information that is not readily knowable to people who do not live in this area. I know others who went to this school and nothing ever happened to them, and they are just as shocked as the rest of us that anything happened there.  As far as the education at the school goes, it was one of the best in the area.

...Parents are of the Christian faith and have hermetically sealed off their children from the outside world. They will have also refused to let the children be taught at a state-recognized private Christian school, reports the "Hessischer Rundfunk"...

...Evangelical Christians fight especially hard for the right to homeschool. They want their children to be kept away from worldly influences and try to educate them in their strict faith-driven world view...
Spiegel:  Schulverweigerer in Hessen: Polizei holt Kinder aus streng religiöser Familie [Truants in Hessen: Police bring children from a strictly religious family]
"If and when the children return to their parents, it is still unclear," says Frank Horneff. In fact, the family will have to wait a while until a decision on their possible reunification. The District Court of Darmstadt intends to have the parents in for a hearing at the end of September.
Die Welt: Behandelt, "als wäre ich ein Terrorist" [Treated "as if I were a terrorist"]
For the time being, this is the only news coming out, other than from Der Blaue Brief which is linked to the HSLDA and other homeschool groups in Germany.

However, I do want to point out some very integral things that are not much discussed when it concerns Christian sects that wish to homeschool here in Germany. There are passages in Scripture that suggest that Christians are to take an unassuming, blameless lifestyle wherever we find ourselves; unless that government is causing them to break commandments in the Bible. Especially concerning our witness to those who do not believe as we do.

 It is my full belief that breaking the law to do something you are convicted to do; especially something that is not commanded  by G-d explicitly in the Bible; is a terribly bad idea.  Frequently moving around to escape the law, leaving the country when the court catches up to you, and hiding your children from the world is terribly suspicious, and not something the Bible commands.

Meddling in another country's affairs to subvert the government [speaking of the HSLDA here, which is an American Homeschool Legal Defense Association], is also not a really good idea. Especially when the Human Rights Courts of the EU have already twice made a ruling on similar cases, and the Constitutional Court of said country you are meddling in said "No, this is not happening and here is why."

On the heels of the Wunderlich's case, we have issues with abuses that have been uncovered by the Zwölf Stämmen. My question here, is what kind of parenting methods are going on in the Wunderlich home that we might maybe need know about? (Remember, Corporal Punishment is illegal in Germany and has been for over a decade.)  Also, why is the HSLDA so very invested in Germany, and constantly sending funds back and forth to keep the courts here spinning?

Why are Americans being called upon to support these families, and why is the HSLDA lying about what is happening? What exactly are they helping to hide, besides these families squirreling away their children and teaching them that the government is out to steal and destroy their souls?  Why are these families so afraid of the readily available Christian education?

There are so many questions here, many, which I feel will not be further answered until we hear more from the different court cases as they go forward.

I'm sorry that the families have been separated, but I can see where this is something that had to take place considering how blatantly the Wunderlichs are in their defiance of German law, and how happy they are to make themselves out as martyrs.  I hope that the children can see their parents, but I pray that we do not find out that there has been any physical or psychological abuse going on as we've heard from a few other Homeschool groups. (As mentioned in the documentary above, and in the case with the Zwölf Stämmen)

There don't seem to be very many answers to this issue at the moment.

UPDATE 22.9.2013: I did remove some of the post here with two documentaries. This is not due to any critiques or comments I have received, but because I want to work them into a post of their own, as I've seen nothing like this in English. Please bear with me.

Update 17.8.2013: re-added video in hopes it functions


  1. What a well-researched, documented and thought-out post. I think I may have to read it a few more times to really digest it but I so appreciate the time and effort you put into this, thank you!

  2. Hello Jennifer:

    It is very curious that you have taken so much time to "research" this family (and the homeschooling issue) and yet to make the interesting claim: "As far as the Wunderlich family goes, things are clearly not on the up and up" and then later: "All the articles I've read in English so far show very clearly that the authors know next to nothing about Germany, German law, German society at large; or the German educational system and it's history."

    As a matter of fact, the authors (myself for instance!) of some of these articles speak and write German, have lived in Germany, and are married to "highly" educated Germans educated in Germany--or better--some of the contributors to articles are German born and raised and have doctorates and love to study history! Moreover, translators for some of the court documents such as 41/07 (and more!) were themselves these same authors that you claim to "nothing about Germany, German law, German society at large; or the German educational system and it's history."

    Your false statements speak for themselves and show that, indeed, it is hard to see who is on the "up and up." With the latest attack upon the Wunderlich family, it was clear that someone (the state and its "experts") were not on the up and up because they raided the home with nothing but a rumor of letter from a year ago that Mr. Wunderlich would harm his children if anyone tried to take them. The officials in Darmstadt do not have this letter and they waited for.........ONE take action and save the children from the imminent danger? Unbelievable, but true! Perhaps, Jennifer, you have at some point in your life been the subject of false rumors or gossip? Gossp is a vile and ugly monster, but it seems to grow up around those who are different or not "like us." German courts claim that they want to teach tolerance like this? Lies? Rumors? Raids? Intolerance? Hate? It is a very sad situation indeed.

    But I myself wonder: What is your agenda? And how far will you go to further it? I am concerned that whatever your agenda might be, you have lost sight of truth. Therefore: Be careful! Don't harm others with false words or rumors as you speculate in the public forum about what "might be the truth!" Speak the truth and respect others as individuals!

    Incidentally, the Wunderlich children write fabulously, know lots about nature, books, history, and other such things (like der steinmarder und die kaninchen)--and they have been very wonderful and happy and open friends to my own children. The Wunderlich family has been very open to friendships and conversation (I wonder if you ever wrote to them in Christian love?), but certainly not to those who wish them harm. One problem here is that you, like others, simply do not know or understand the whole story yourself, yet you are quite willing to very energetically write about things as though you understand them very well. Wisdom calls for us to be more thoughtful and God calls for us to be more loving.

    Very Sincerely,
    Rhea Aryani (who wrote the HEDUA articles as a guest writer while home educating four lovely children!)

    1. Rhea, I wasn't commenting about the HEDUA posts not being honest about German law. I was talking about the articles with World Net Daily, World Magazine, The Blaze and Fox News, who know little to nothing about Germany and German law, except what they are told or find out on the internet and then sensationalize. Fox, The Blaze and WND are well known for doing that again and again, and being unreliable news sources. This is why they are not used in respectible papers when referencing news stories. They have an agenda called fear-mongering. My issue is that each of these news sources repeat over and over that the compulsory education law is "from the Nazi era". This is not completely true. Yes, the Nazis solidified the law, but each of the Länder have a different story to tell on that, and those who hadn't already had compulsory education for boys, did once the Prussian Era came in.

      Why did I take the time to ""research" this family"? Because I have been asked by my own family, friends and congregation in the United States, what I thought of it and what news I was seeing and hearing in my own area about the issue. Whether I have spoken "falsely" about information readily available, is to be seen.

      Have I been at a point in my life the subject of false rumor and gossip? - Actually, most of my life I have been. That's the wonderful thing about gossip, no one cares about what is said.

      However, it is not gossip, to share news articles and the way the law is interpreted and whether someone is (as the law and courts have decided) breaking the law by skipping out on compulsory education in a land where it is clearly still illegal to homeschool.

      I have never once said that the Wunderlichs have harmed their children, as I have never met them or seen them hit their children or yell at them. I am not in their home, therefore I cannot say something to that avenue. As far as I can tell, all the Child Protective Services have come up with is that the children are being "isolated" and that's it. Isolation stinks, but it's not abuse unless taken to extremes.

      "What is your agenda? And how far will you go to further it? "
      My agenda is to show what is happening in the German news. How far will I go to further it? If it's still being talked about in the news, I'll do another post. If not, then, further posts will go the way of the dinosaurs.

      "I am concerned that whatever your agenda might be..."
      No need to be concerned, if everything is above board. There is no agenda. I simply can't email 50+ people when I keep getting bounce-backs + post on several boards "Hey, this is what news articles and other websites are saying." - that's called spamming and is frowned upon.

      "you have lost sight of truth."
      Wow, talk about personal attacks. Have you met me? Have you written me? Have you called me? Did you come to my house and meet me?

      I didn't think so.

      " Speak the truth and respect others as individuals!"
      Honestly, I don't know how much you know about Jewish belief on evil speech... One is not to speak evil of anyone. One is not to spread false rumor.

      I have respect for the family. However, skirting around the law is very problematic. I don't believe that Scripture allows for this, except in the case where someone's very life may be taken from them. Compulsory schooling doesn't take someone's life.

      I have not made an estimation of what their family is like, other than "Large family who homeschools and clearly is fighting the courts, Jugendamt and Schulamt. Fled the country when the court didn't find in their favor. Hm."


    2. I too, was once homeschooled. But, it was done above board, with good documentation, with full knowledge of each state and country we had it done in and with legal protection should anything come to pass - which never did. I'm well aware of what is going on here in Germany and the complications that come from homeschooling. This is one, of many reasons, I will not be schooling my children at home. I love them, and the best education they can have is in conjunction with our local schools, plus what I can teach them at home.

      "I wonder if you ever wrote to them in Christian love?" Does it honestly matter?

      I do not wish the family harm. I wish to cover the news as it is being covered, as that is what has been asked of me. Nothing more, nothing less. IF someone has a problem with that, that is their perogative. That is their right. I am not responsible for someone else's big feelings about me translating newspapers and other articles and saying "Here, you can look for yourself." That's the most responsible thing I can do actually, for people I know who won't go further than the first page on Google and don't speak German and expect me to hand-hold them through the entire story.

      "Wisdom calls for us to be more thoughtful and God calls for us to be more loving. " I know and incidentally, nothing I have said has been malicious.

      When I said, "As far as the Wunderlich family goes, things are clearly not on the up and up. " - it was a loaded statement that could be taken many ways. What *I* meant is that the news coverage is spotty and with the American coverage tacked onto that, there are a lot of holes in information that lead towards one or the other conclusion. In the addition of going from one place to another and then leaving the country when the Jugendamt and Schulamt want to talk, it looks very suspicious. Then there's the question of how the Jugendamt and Schulamt are acting-- which is also very suspicious. Therefore, things are clearly not on the up and up... on either side, with the information that has been presented from all three sides. It's a "tricky" matter all together.

      And if you think that's honest, well, yeah, I just don't know what to tell you there.

    3. Rhea, I apologise if my response to your query has come off as emotional or questionable in any way.

      With how I was raised, we were frequently under churches that were very spiritually abusive. My own family has some issues of unhealthy ways of dealing with each other, and I may have responded from the place of someone who is still processing frequent tactics such as gaslighting.

      I question myself frequently, and that is why all of my posts that will be found here and elsewhere on forums will be well researched and put together. Part of the "well researched" angle is due to the way I was homeschooled.

      I post what I post, because I am search of, uphold, and wish for all people to know the truth of the issues I post about, especially if they have only heard snippets of news and only from the United States.

      I think the the HEDUA articles have covered things quite sufficiently from the family's side, if I am allowed to say so.

      I have issues with the HSLDA and their tactics. I believe that Germany has a good history of awesome lawyers, it's about time that German Lawyers protect and help homeschoolers on their own.

      I am not anti-homeschooling. I was homeschooled. It would be insanity to be against one thing that helped me make it through school with chronic illness when teachers were unwilling to work with me.

      Ganz im Ernst: Es war und ist nichts böse gemeint.

  3. Dear Jennifer,

    First: We are rejoicing as a family to hear that the Wunderlich children have been reunited with their parents and are again "allowed" to be a family!

    Second, I am glad and encouraged that you care about truth and that you are open about your position. That is always a good starting point.

    In these cases where good families are being persecuted, the problem is that the state has stolen what properly belongs to parents: their children and their God-given right to choose to be a family and, therefore, to choose home education when desirable. The state has no "face" but is also "acts" and it may act in violent, harmful, unhealthy, cruel ways as it has done in Germany in relation to home educators such as the Neubronners, the Shaum family, the Dudek family, and the Wunderlich family. The state has created terror for these good families because the state is intolerant and abusive and does not like the idea of these families living as they do: the state wants to enforce its vision of cultural homogeneity within the false banner of "tolerance." I have helped to translate (along with my husband who did most of the work) the court decisions such as FCoJ, Civil Panel XII ZB 41/07(of 9/11/2007) against home educators in Germany and they may be found in abstract at HEDUA's (for whom I have only submitted articles as an unpaid guest writer) website here:

    This document and others like it tell the whole truth about the German state's position towards home education.

    Rhea Aryani

  4. The rest of the super-long comment (weil das ist nicht so einfach zum erklaren in 4,000 or so characters!):

    It also is the case that the Wunderlich family is permitted to home educate legally in Germany because Germany has signed its name to International Treaties that allow home education. Thus, it is the case that Germany is violating treaties and laws to which it has signed its name. This is something you could also research. Even though you do not like HSLDA, you may find these treaties listed on their website.
    God bestows upon parents children and those children rightfully belong under the loving care of their parents. Families allow (in healthy families) for beauty, security, joy: and for parents, not a "state" to direct their learning. Perhaps you might read Andre Stern's book: "...und ich war nie in der Schule - Geschichte eines glücklichen Kindes." This is excellent reading for those interested in the topic. Incidentally, his father lives and works in Paris, France as a sociologist. ( There are many YouTube's available where you may here him speak on the topic of childhood happiness and home education. I highly recommend his works (and Dirk Wunderlich also has recommended this book to others and even bought it for others as he tried to help others in Germany understand: "What is home education?"

    The right to home educate is the right that belongs to people as a right from God. Those that aggressively argue in favor of the state's right to children show their misunderstanding of the proper relationship of state to the individual. In the case of Germany, there is a group of people that are very, very interested in seeing that those that are different are not allowed to form a "parallel" society. Well, I have been in Germany many times and lived there. I wonder what sort of society the German state is so intent on creating? There is much to see in Germany (besides the obvious good!): there are abusive people, mentally ill people, depressed people, intolerant people. These people are all largely products of the state (read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's work the Gulag Archipelago for discussions on this) run educational system in a large part (add up school hours)--so we see that harm and abuse exists in the schools and it is not rare. When we went to Germany last time, we looked at many "vorshule" pre-kindergarten books that aim to prepare children for school. Very often, by page three or four, we found pictures of bullies and the storyline was inevitably this: finally the bully become the friend of the victim. So far the state hasn't stop its bullying and the victims keep getting punched. Schools aren't what the state is making them out to be, are they? Places to "learn how to express oneself." That is laughable...but I am not laughing.

    The truth is (yes the truth word again!): Germany broke the law by violating international treaties it signed its name to, the German state is continuing to persecute good families (read the stories with a heart for family): the children do not belong to the state at all!

    Wishing you all the best (if this it too long for a comment that is fine: I wrote it mostly as a response to you in hopes of bringing about some understanding).


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    its a linking issue. I've tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the
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    1. Thank you. I'll see what I can do to get the video working again.

    2. Rhea Aryani (Rhea Anne Bassett) advised me to marry an abusive high school boy who impregnated me. I have been abused by the same boy and his family ever since.

      Rhea Aryani advised me not to speak to my father, since I was a teenager or eighteen.

      Rhea Aryani has not spoken to her own father for nearly thirteen years.

      Rhea Aryani is my sister.

      Victoria Bassett

  6. I remember when I was a pregnant 17 year old and was still living at home on 1408 Wilderness St. in Denton, TX with my Mom. My brother had some "friends" over and they were all acting crazy. I was upset about this and called my sister RA. She instructed me to call the police to deal with it. But one thing I cannot understand is, if she knew/was able to do that, why wasn't she able to guide my mother to call the police when my mother knew the "boyfriend" James Carrell was over at our house (such as before I was pregnant)? Btw, my sister worked as a police officer for the Dallas PD for a very short time. And her husband Gian Aryani is very active with Rockwall citizen's police.

    Victoria Bassett
    Estranged sister of Rhea Aryani
    My sister went missing, missing from any commitments to our family now at least nearly decades ago.

  7. Hello! Greetings!! Thank you for sharing my posts. I know they are quite strange and unfortunate, but they are nothing more than true facts. I do not know German and have never honeschooled, but I support homeschooling and have no problem w German.

    If you would like more information about my sister Rhea Aryani or my family, please look me up on facebook: Victoria Katherine Bassett (I work for RaceTrac in Plano, TX). You can look my Dad up, Larry Bassett on Facebook. He lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas. You can look me up on Pinterest as victoriakbasset.

    I may not be a genius, but I can tell when things have been quite strange and quite unChristian in my family for decades.

    My sister RA blames my Dad for the problems of my family, but my Dad is a great guy who was the number one supporter of loving Christian behavior in my family, while my Mom was passive and looked the other way when bad things were happening, such as children running off into trouble.

    I cannot remember my sister RA ever attending a single one of my middle or high school extra curricular activities a single time at the current moment. What I do know is that she was able to play on the boy's soccer team in hs in Galveston, manage the men's soccer team at UT Austin, and work for the Dallas PD all without, as I am made aware, a single act of sexual immorality in her life, and yet she advised me to marry a teenager who impregnated me and whose family would not respect my father's efforts to bring it to a stop.

    You can look up my indeed bizarre family law case: Collin County 296-51512-2009.

    There is a bizarre twist on this story in that for years I thought my Dad who was my hero was an adulterer, but only learned quite recently that he, apparently is not, or at least, the allegation I thought indicated his adultery he says was not adultery. Anyway, I suffered terribly from this false belief for years, being devastated by believing that not only was my living Christian hero, my father an adulterer, even more confusing was how he continued to be a minister in the church. But this was sadly a false belief. Unfortunately, there have been repeated allusions to my Dad being a bad guy by my siblings and mother, including what a bad guy he was for visiting truck stops. ???

    Anyway, this has been psychologically devastating false beliefs and I have ended up having 8!!! sexual partners in my life, but the only time my sister RA has ever mentioned a single word about sex to me in any way was when she advised me to discover that my ex-husband was having an affair on me while he was in the Army (a US military crime). My sister never advised me to look into a single one of my own acts of sexual misconduct in my life.

    I have been absolutely devastated by the breakdown of my family and gave spiralled into mental health issues of which I am trying to recover from.

    I am terribly concerned about my sister but I do not know what to do but to tell the community bc I find that she has a long history of being psychologically and emotionally manipulative in ways that have deeply hurt me.

    Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

    Victoria Bassett

  8. Hello again! Sorry to take up so much comment space, but I want to get the word out about the strange disappearance of my sister Rhea Anne (Bassett) Aryani from any of her responsibilities or Christian duties to her family decades ago. I would like to advise you that my sister's husband Gian warned me years ago not to post photos of his family on the internet and RA asked me not to share information about her family with my Dad years ago. Unfortunately, I really did not know what to do about this for a long time. Finally, I have decided after years of compliance with their wish for secrecy to do my own thing, especially as it has become quite clear just how comfortable they (the Aryanis) are sharing private information about me, which helped me realize this doesn't make any sense.

    Also, here is my own parents divorce case: Denton County: No 2001-40198-362. My parents had been separated a while before. That's when my life began tipping more out of control than ever before. My Dad told me about his resignation from First United Methodist Church on the same exact day I told him I was pregnant, which I remember to be in Jan 2002, perhaps before this was signed? Cannot remember the exact date of that meeting we had. He told me he was resigning bc he had been talking to a lady and the church (now Bishop of Arkansas Gary Mueller) asked him to resign. But he told me recently upon my further inquiry that there was no sexual misconduct. And it is a true fact that he went on to work as a minister in the UMC after that resignation. We really did not, at least as I remember, talk about sex when I was growing up. Remember Daddy giving a niw seemingly subtle indication that some gay neighbors we once had were not quite behaving right. Remember Dad throwing away porn magazines my brother had and trying to get my Mom's support. Remember Daddy talking about how he doesn't believe in passing out condoms to teens as it promotes sexual immorality. Of course, I am sure there were commentators on all the time who talked about sex somehow. And the times my Daddy tried to stop siblings from sexual immorality but couldn't get Mom's support (cannot remember exactly which details I knew, maybe did not quite understand what was happening w my sister SA as much when I was in elementary). And then there was Daddy's unforgettable sermon in Denton about circumcision which I cannot forget since my church friends found that quite entertaining that Daddy chose that topic (definitely do not remember the whole sermon).

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Victoria K Bassett

  9. Hello! Greetings to you in the name of the Lord from me, a sinner, as my sister RA will never let me forget.

    Would like you to know that as of today, my mother has said that she believes I was mentally well when I was a child, when I was a middle and high schooler despite the fact became a sexually active teenager and pregnant teenager despite the fact that I did not wish to be either one. And despite the fact of other definite signs of mental illness in middle school. My sister RA in her different ways now and in the past tries to line me up with my mother. She has said that if I share this information, such as on FB, my mother and stepfather should kick me out--and does not think my stepfather deserves to have me share this info on the internet.

    Thank you for your attention to the case of my sister.

    Victoria Bassett

  10. Important updated detail on the case of Rhea Anne:

    When my father learned I was pregnant, he advised me utilize the Methodist Adoption Agency for my baby. I did and "hand picked" a family from the profiles offered. I picked a family from Austin, TX who I felt were experts on adoption bc the mother had been adopted and they had already adopted one little girl (they were not able to conceive) and wanted to adopt another. The husband was a veteran and they emphasized how they remained faithful to each other during his service. They were Christians who appeared to me to be financially stable with friends and family. I do not even remember whether or not I shared any of the details about this family with my own family, but the biological father of my child did attend the meetings I had with this family. Anyway, doesn't it appear strange that my family allowed me to deal w that all on my own and that bio Dad was tagging along and what? No one realized that the fact that he was tagging along with no supervision or direction from my family could wind up with me ending up trapped into an unwanted life w him? But my sister RA eventually came over to the home where I was living and I believe read me a passage from the Bible she believed was instructive and as I remember it advised me that I could get married and keep the baby. The family is Steve and Cynthia Beatty from Austin, TX. I haven't spoken w them in a long time, but I looked them up on FB and their kids are alive and well and they have not fallen into economic chaos as far as I can tell, but they do appear to support homosexuality, which is too bad. But my daughter's father's family does, too, so what's the difference? I guess the difference would have been that I wouldn't have had to marry the Beattys, would possibly have been able to get on my feet, and as the Beattys told me, I would have been able to maintain contact w my child. And the 2nd baby I had with my ex-husband never would have been aborted.

  11. My abortion: it happened right before I moved to Wyoming with my then husband and child and after some unfortunate incidents that happened while I was still living in TX. I became pregnant and decided I wanted an abortion as I envisioned it might possibly be a boy and one thing was I did not want a boy to grow up and be mean like the Carrell men. Also, I felt I would never escape my life with the Carrells of I had another baby. I still have some memory of desperately wanting to get away, some how, some how. I was at my mother's house the day of the abortion and drove to the clinic with my then husband and the abortion was performed. I was congratulated for my tolerance of discomfort by the abortion "dr" and team. I returned to my mother's home, the home of an RN where she "nursed" me afterwards. Then I moved to Wyoming where I began work as a server at a brewery. There, I remember it happening when I was at work, I drained large volumes of blood for what seemed like forever--over weeks and weeks if not months, it seemed like back then. It was at that brewery that I began committing adultery. But I did not discuss, nor did my family or my ex-husband's family inquire of or mention a word about any of my adultery. In fact, I never knew if anyone knew until I thought someone might whenever my ex-husband sent me a letter with the name an initial of one of the men from Wyoming on a letter he sent from Goodfellow AFB.

    Abortion: I remember there was an abortion Dr at the church where my Dad was associate pastor at FUMC Denton and we had picketers that frequented the church. My Mom told me more recently that she used to sit next to the lady abortion Dr. bc she felt bad the Dr was being ostracized. I really never "made my mind up" in hs about abortion even though I wanted to. I didn't even know the basic facts about a baby's development (I am sure I am still missing some) until after I was pregnant. I do remember wanting to be against abortion back then, but I didn't get it all sorted out when I wish I had. In fact, my first response when I found out I was pregnant was that I thought I wanted an abortion.

    So I just do not, do not get why my sister thinks it's so important to maintain contact w my Mom when it's my Mom who supports abortion and my Dad who does not. And I certainly cannot understand why she thought I should marry James Carrell, either, considering that as a result a baby is now dead.

    Also, about homeschooling. I was quite interested in homeschooling myself, but never honeschooled my daughter bc I thought someone who has sinned as much as I have, and who is so deficient academically would never be approved by a judge as a honeschooled. But in retrospect, I am quite annoyed that my sister RA has invested so much time in the rights of German homeschoolers when she will not even love her own family here in America.

    TYVM to your attention to this unfortunate and disturbing story.

    Victoria Bassett
    1536 Faringdon Dr.
    Plano, TX 75075