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26 November 2012

Tinkerbell - Secret of the Wings

Tinkerbell - image rights belong to Disney

At the risk of sounding really cheesy, I have always loved the Peter Pan stories that Disney had done. "Hook" and "Finding Neverland " are way up there on my list of favorite movies. (Not as high as "The Princess Bride" will ever be - no movie will ever top that one in my book!)

I got hooked on the Tinker Bell films not long after I had seen the Disney film "Peter Pan in Return to Never Land" which I am not ashamed to say made me cry a couple of times in the film. It reminded me of a few times growing up when my dad was off away from home for various "war" related reasons and being the eldest, helping hold the fort.  Some of that could have been post partum hormones, but I don't think so.

We took our boys (four and a half and three) to see the latest installation to the Tinker Bell film row* - Secret of the Wings yesterday afternoon. We've watched all of the others on Disney Cinemagic or Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior) - and then immediately gone out and bought the DVDs. I haven't purchased the Fairy Games, since we recorded it off of TV.

I love the positive message that the films bring, the lack of language worries (we can watch in English or German - no PG language to worry over in either), and the fact that all the girl/women fairies are portrayed in a positive light. The boys and men are as well. They're not bumbling idiots, and they're not overbearing oafs either.

In this installation, Tinkerbell wanders into the Winter Woods - where the Warm Fairies are not allowed. She's never told why, and her wings became brilliant and iridescent while in the winter lands... When she asks why, she's sent to the library, and finds a book that's been eaten through - which begins the great adventure detailed in the trailer below:

While my three year old is certainly (beyond a shadow of a doubt after yesterday) NOT READY to watch films in the theater - my four and a half year old was, and enjoyed every second of the film. He's still talking about it today!

My husband missed the first minute while getting popcorn (to keep the three year old busy since he kept pointing at everyone else and insisting that we were missing out on the experience without popcorn (LOL!), but he said that he enjoyed the rest of the film. He laughed a few times!

There are a few tear-jerker moments, so keep tissues in hand if you are a big "feeler". The lady who sat next to me blew her nose twice. I did have to wipe away tears at one part, but I'll not spoil it for you. I have to say it especially touched me since my family lives so far away.

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the music in the film, and actually, contrary to Christian reviews I've read ("...once again teaches kids that breaking the rules is a virtue, given the right conditions..." I'm seriously rolling my eyes here), I saw a lot of good in the film.

I'm looking forward to purchasing it on Blu-Ray and watching again in English, though I am rather sad that Kristin Chenoweth did not reprise her role of Rosetta, but was instead replaced by Megan Hilty (you might know her from SMASH - she also played Rosetta in The Pixie Hollow Games). All the other usual voice actors and actresses were in play.  The voice actors in the German version were all the same, with the new addition "Periwinkle" being voiced by  Mandy Capristo.

You can find more information on the film here at IMDB, Wikipedia and Rotten Tomatoes - though be warned that the Wiki article completely spoils the story. (Really, it does!)

I hope if you've seen it, or plan to see it, that you enjoy it as much as we did.

* Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Pixie Hollow Games, Secret of the Wings

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