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01 October 2012

Sukkot 2012 - Fun crafts and things to do with Children

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I've been trying to come up with some amazing, creative, fun things to do with the children this year. We couldn't afford to put up a sukkah this year, so I need to get them used to the idea of eating outside, and having a party similar to Thanksgiving for 8 days. Usually this wouldn't be a hard sell for the boys, except my husband hates, fears, despises, does not like eating outside because of bugs, weather, other people seeing him, various reasons. (Oh if you could hear me laughing right now)   I'd done six years of camping out during Sukkot for an entire week, so sign me up, sign me up, sign me UP now!! (said in the most excited voice ever, while dancing and jumping up and down)

This week my youngest son will be having a medical procedure and due to the frequent flip-flop of temperatures (8-18°C with some days this week being rainy), we cannot risk any illness or fever this week.  I'd mentioned before that we were having some health issues, and we got a call just as I was about to run out the door on Thursday to get my IV of iron (I have pernicious anemia due to my Celiac disease), that the Pediatric GI office had a cancellation and my son, "TB" was being moved up, if we were available to move forward. Of course I said "move us on up!" because we need answers. I didn't even think twice that it was a holiday.  I'm sure you know how it is with pressing health issues.

That being said, the extent of my decorations are limited to some window cling nuts, mushrooms and leaves I found in the store on sale, a deco pumpkin I found, two gnomes (a man hopping over a mushroom and a lady on a bench that says "welcome!"), and three red mushrooms with white dots on them. Except TB went to town on the mushrooms and picked almost all the white styrofoam dots off, and I now have to figure out how to replace them. (I'll have to add photos of all this later)

I have other decorations laid by, and I intend on changing my tablecloth out, but I am uncertain if I will get further this week as I have laundry to fold, a house to clean, and hospital preparations to make.

Don't you love how life can sometimes throw you a sucker punch? That's OK though, I can weave and bob!

Without further ado, I wanted to share some of the nifty little crafts and coloring pages I bumped into this weekend in my quest to make our Sukkot a little more cheerful.

This Dutch site had two interesting coloring pages I had not seen before.
Challah Crumbs has some interesting Sukkot crafts. The Ushpizin, made with thumbprints; Candy Torah Scrolls made from Sweet Tarts candy (do make sure you get the gluten free version if you do this one!); and two nifty coloring pages.
Rachel Teichman had a nifty paper chain idea that she posted to Kveller. I'm all for recycling!!
Here we are together had some cute paper crafts that include apple stamps.
The Holiday Spot has some word games for the older set.
I saw a tip on Pintrest from Shelterness, to take the floral wire and make fall shapes and wrap those with yarn.
From Thrifty Fun comes the idea to make a Pumpkin Tambourine
Upper West Side has some gorgeous Estrog Pomanders.
Hebrew Podcasts had some yummy recipes and craft ideas. (I love that wind sock!!)
Country Living has fall food-dye cookies. Normally, I do not advocate food dye, but this would be great if made from natural dyes from your local Health Food Store.
Alpha mom has beautiful paper and pipe cleaner pumpkins. These would be gorgeous decorations for the sukkah!
Disney Family Fun has these yarn "eggs" that I keep seeing all over Pinterest. They'd look gorgeous spaced out on a sukkah with LED lights.
Project Wedding has these to die for sewn vellum mobiles. I'm thinking they'd look good in a couple corners of the sukkah left for the wind to play with, how about you?
Design Sponge has these lovely paper ornaments... I know my boys would love making these.
As always, Creative Jewish Mom has wonderful ideas for Sukkot!
Just look at Ann D. Koffsky's maze and coloring page!
Repeat Crafter Me has a lovely Yarn Wrapped Letter Project that would easily convert for Sukkot.

Nice Jewish Artist has a wonderful downloadable poster about Sukkot and the Arba Minim here.

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