I have longed for thy salvation, O L-RD; and thy Torah is my delight. Let my soul live, and it shall praise thee; and let thy judgments help me. I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek thy servant; for I do not forget thy commandments. Psalm 119:174-176

23 September 2012

Yom Kippur with small children - part 2

Rose, photo by J.Stahl

So, I've been looking online for some projects to help us out this Yom Kippur, to help make it a little more "real" for the kids, and easier to grasp some of the finer aspects of prayer, services and the story of the Prophet Jonah.

I hit the jackpot!

Haley's Butterfly Garden has a wonderful post called "Fishing for Letters" - which would be absolutely awesome using the Hebrew Alphabet Fridge Magnets!  If you don't have a fishing pole handy, you could very easily use a stick and some fishing twine that has a magnet attached to the opposite end. Something like these magnetic sheets could be manipulated to work well. I wish I could find something like these here! I'm still looking. I might have something I can re-purpose though.

ChabadKids has a wonderful list on how to observe Yom Kippur as a small child, as does this site, which links to Torah Tots, and a couple other useful sites. Chabad also has some children's stories available.

This Messianic site has a little bit more information, and this Messianic PDF isn't half bad either, which could be used to explain things to an older child. has some wonderful coloring pages which I've already printed out for the High Holidays in PDF format.

Calvary Chapel has a PDF that covers 1st through 6th grade on the story of Jonah, which might come in handy.  I noticed their curriculum skips entirely over the book of Leviticus, so you might want to scour Torah Tots, Chabad, Aish and Aklah instead for some coloring materials if you ever need that. I don't like the shaming aspect and anti-Torah aspect of some of CC's material for children - so we will mainly be using the coloring pages when / if I do reference them. (Have no fear!)

Crayola did have a pretty awesome coloring page, as does Super Coloring Book. Just keep in mind, if you are going to try and keep a more Orthodox aspect of Yom Kippur, all the Sabbath rules due apply - so no crayons/coloring or work-related play for the littles. But, it would be great prep before, or something to do after Yom Kippur to talk about if you do keep a more strict observance.

Joyful Jewish has a cute little Fish and Jonah craft, that would work well with some of the Preschool set, but more the 1-3rd grade group.  This one would work well for the preschool to 3rd grade set as well. I love it, it's just so precious! More cute Jonah and the fish crafts here. The last site requests membership, but from the look of things on that page, most things you could "wing" rather well without joining.

One of the bloggers on Kveller suggested purchasing Stauffer's kosher Whale crackers for Yom Kippur for the smaller members of the family. Well, I live overseas and we have Celiac disease to contend with. So, I'll see if we can adapt this recipe to be gluten and dairy free. (We recently found some cool cheese alternative!!)

A Jewish Homeschool blog has two posts on the high holidays. It encompasses Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  Her wonderful ideas can be found here, here and here. If you can't squeeze some of these projects in this week, they're wonderful to print and file to do for next year!

What, if anything have you found online or in your local congregation that you will be using this, or next year? I look forward to hearing from you!

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